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Posted by omega on 2006/4/13 14:21:26 (1407 reads)

Image processing is reality also on the Psion PDA. Turn you Psion into powerful image processing station. Thanks to ImageJ you can easily perform image operations not seen on any Epoc application before.

Now you can change contrast of the images, rotate by any number of degrees, analyze images...etc. ImageJ supports also wide range of image formats so you can use it also as conversion tool.

ImageJ has also powerful macro language (similar to opl). You can read more in the following article.

Posted by poke on 2006/3/30 21:58:30 (1617 reads)

Hi ZX folks.
TDM and Factor6 made great 2xAY cover of the Madonna's music HangUp.
Final music (in mp3 format) with super booklets you can download here.

BTW: F6 & TDM rulezzzzz.

Posted by omega on 2006/3/30 14:50:44 (1445 reads)

I made great collection of multicolor images for ZX Spectrum 128k, +2. This collection was not published on the Forever party (due to various serious reasons... grr).

Go and get it here: download / speccy.


Posted by poke on 2006/3/28 16:23:36 (1616 reads)

Hi 8bit fans.

I uploaded my photos from multiplatform demo party FOReVER7.
You can see photos here.
BTW: Omega successfully return from China. Yupiii.

Posted by poke on 2006/3/1 17:40:26 (1430 reads)

Hi EPOC folks.
I finally released my last (long-awaited) project:
RAR, ARJ, ACE and LHA archive file support for EPOC.

More you can read here.
Poke (aka Pety)

Posted by poke on 2006/2/13 17:46:53 (1599 reads)

I uploaded some photos from "ski-weekend" with my friends.
You can see photos here.
BTW: I send many greetings for: Anpeta & Jerry.
Pety (aka Poke)

Posted by poke on 2006/1/24 16:21:55 (1483 reads)

You can see some photos from meeting with my university classmates, here.
BTW: Big greetings for: Luba, Franta and Majkl.

Posted by poke on 2006/1/12 18:12:08 (1611 reads)

Hi ZX folks.

I start build my own instance of MB02+ (interface for best computer ever - ZX-Spectrum).
Photos of my soldering progress you can see here.

BTW: Many thanks for help from 8BC team, Omega, MB-Maniax.

Posted by poke on 2006/1/8 17:57:24 (1616 reads)

Poke was on finally last computer meeting on year 2005 - JHCon2oo5.
See 3D photos in JHCon 2oo5 section.
Many thanks to Sweet for second camera.

Posted by omega on 2005/12/19 12:11:17 (1464 reads)

BatchRenamer has new release. Fixed some minor bugs, added progress bar and cancelation of the renaming progress. Check it out. here.

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