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ImageJ for Psion
  Posted on Thu 13 Apr 2006 (27558 reads)
ImageJ wrapper for Epoc ER5
Current release of ImageJ wrapper is: 1.01

All Psion machines with EPOC OS ER5.
Recommended Psion netBook (32MB free RAM)

ImageJ, Epoc, Psion, Image Processing, wrapper

I was very unhappy with "image processing" capabilities of our Psion machines. All currently available Epoc software is lacking some features, which makes Psion user very dependant on PC or Mac. I don't need to show too many examples - Flood fill, smooth rotation of image, contrast and brightness... These topics are nearly impossible to do with Epoc software I know. Worth mentioning is also quite limited number of image formats, which can be viewed on the Psion.

While wandering on the web I found ImageJ. ImageJ is public domain multiplatform Java image processing application. It is written with respect to Java 1.1 users, but also takes benefit of higher Java implementations. I was very impressed seeing it on my PC, I was wondering if it could run also on the Psion. I immediately tryied to launch it on netbook, but... SetIconImage Error appeared. Unfortunately this is hard error in Psion's Java implementation (windows cannot have minimise, maximise, close buttons in the title bar). I was quite sceptical, but I contacted author of ImageJ - Wayne Rasband and reported this bug to him. I was astonished - another day I received version which was running on my netBook. Since this day is ImageJ one of my most valuable applications (regardless the platform I use).

Image processing was for a long time playground for big computers only. Now, thanks to ImageJ, we can do image processing also in our hand wherever you go with your PDA!

ImageJ and Psion
Though ImageJ will work on Psion 5MX, expanded Psion netBook to 64MB and colour display is highly recommended. ImageJ was not tested on the Psion netPad or Psion netBook Pro. Any feedback about running on these machines is highly appreciated.

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Keep in mind that Epoc Java implementation is only JAVA 1.1 compliant. Plug ins requiring Java 1.2 and higher won't work. I found out that some plug-ins downloaded from ImageJ webside doesn't work, but sometime it helps to recompile them (java compiler is in ImageJ Plugins menu).

ImageJ Wrapper for Epoc
Generally, lauching of java application requires using of command-line (e.g. via ESHELL), or so called "wrapper", which will do the same job. Due to extensive use of ImageJ on the Psion, I decided to write Application-like wrapper with registered UID and icon.

Installation Requirements
For using ImageJ on your EPOC machine you must have installed JVM (Java Virtual Machine). JVM should be on the installation CD (Series 5MX, Series 7 and Ericsson MC218 users). Users of the Psion netBook should download latest OS image from our website.

ImageJ wrapper for Psion is distributed in SIS. In order to run ImageJ you must download main JAR file from ImageJ website and optionally you can download plug-ins and macros.

** New: Last known Java 1.1 compliant version of ImageJ is 1.36
** You can download this version from our website

Distributed SIS file contains ImageJ.ini which is Epoc Data file. In this file you can modify search path for ImageJ files and also you can modify JVM command line. If required, you can use special characters to make launcher search for ImageJ folder on all disks. For more details see Help in ImageJ.ini or contact author.

Ini file structure

Special commands:
ImageJ wrapper is interpretting following characters used in the command line:

Exclamation mark [ ! ] forces launcher to search for JarPath field.
If JarPath found, exclamation mark is replaced by drive letter

Hash symbol [ # ] is replaced in the command line by content of the JarPath field (without drive letter).

Note: These commmads are not mandatory. You can use fixed path (e.g. D:\Java\ImageJ\) and the same applies to commad line (e.g. -cp d:\Java\ImageJ\ij.jar -cd c:\.... etc). Above mentioned commands makes the command line shorter and also enables you to put ImageJ on any disk without re-confiring of ImageJ.ini

ImageJ Folder structure:

(imagej_path)\ij.jar this is main executable
(imagej_path)\Macros\.... put macros in this folder
(imagej_path)\Plugins\.... put plugins in this folder (*.class, *.jar)

(imagej_path) is specified in ImageJ.ini, field JarPath.

Note: ImageJ saves preferences to c:\IJ_Prefs.txt

For quick installation
1) download and install below mentioned wrapper
2) extract ImageJ platform independent distribution including subfolders to D:\Java\

Main ImageJ class is called IJ.JAR. It should be in the following path:

ImageJ wrapper
ImageJ v1.36
Patisoners-Psion download section.

All other resources, documentation, sources, macros, plugins and many many more can be found on
Official ImageJ website.

Feel free to report bug or any other suggestions (please use contact us form) or post comments at end of this article.

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 Re: ImageJ for Psion
Great work. Nice article.
Try announce this on the PsionPlace forum.
Posted: 2006/4/14 0:11  Updated: 2006/4/14 0:11
 Re: ImageJ for Psion
this simply rules ! i tried it on my 5mx and even on it is it fast enough to use. thanks a lot !
Posted: 2006/4/14 0:12  Updated: 2006/4/14 0:12
 Re: ImageJ for Psion
that was me - Logout of MB Maniax of course ;)
Posted: 2006/9/10 6:15  Updated: 2006/9/10 6:15
 Mandy Candy
Very many thanks for a good work. Nice and useful. Like it!