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Posted by poke on 2009/2/15 18:50:25 (2450 reads)

Photo slideshow for visitors of Brcon2008 with music from Yerzmyey^AY-Riders
you can found here.

Bye, bye.

Posted by poke on 2009/2/3 22:28:01 (2110 reads)

Yes, BrCon 2008 (24. - 28.10.) photo collection is finally here.

...It was long awaiting, but now over...

BTW: ZX Badaloc FPGA rulezzz...

Posted by poke on 2007/9/16 0:59:58 (2001 reads)

Yes, I'm a bit older.

BTW: Many peoples now want create old computers clones with CPLD/FPGA
stuff, but my girlfriend used something completely different.

So, thanks Petra for your new clone of Didaktik Kompakt and C64DTV.

Posted by omega on 2007/8/7 8:35:39 (1804 reads)

There is no post for a longer time, so I thought I may add something just to keep you visiting us Don't worry we are working on something all the time. I just overcame QDOS limits and completed interrupt handler for Sinclair QL, so there is nothing to stop us making demos! Ok, calm down, We are short of time. Another thing is article about DMA programming for ZX Spectrum with MB02 or DataGear. Poke investigated the most curious difference between Z80-DMA and U858D that caused MB02 work only with east-germany DMA version. I made two drivers to handle full screen multicolor or pixels at 50FPS via DMA (wow!). Both can be used in your demos or games. There are some things for our beloved EPOC rolling as well! So, you'd better stay with us There will be some hot articles to read soon.

PS: Poke, I am not hiding my QL! Look here.

Posted by poke on 2006/3/30 21:58:30 (1567 reads)

Hi ZX folks.
TDM and Factor6 made great 2xAY cover of the Madonna's music HangUp.
Final music (in mp3 format) with super booklets you can download here.

BTW: F6 & TDM rulezzzzz.

Posted by poke on 2006/3/28 16:23:36 (1561 reads)

Hi 8bit fans.

I uploaded my photos from multiplatform demo party FOReVER7.
You can see photos here.
BTW: Omega successfully return from China. Yupiii.

Posted by omega on 2005/12/19 12:11:17 (1411 reads)

BatchRenamer has new release. Fixed some minor bugs, added progress bar and cancelation of the renaming progress. Check it out. here.

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