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Posted by omega on 2009/11/10 11:48:39 (2962 reads)

Grab newest application for your Epoc32 device.
It's a scripting language similar to m$dos BATch files, but much
improved. Writting editing and debugging directly on your machine.

Comprehensive help, example scripts, plugins and many more.

Posted by omega on 2008/6/16 8:33:33 (2457 reads)

New version (a bit of downgrade) of DiskList macro for your Epoc machine. Now with setup. Get it here.

Posted by poke on 2007/10/9 22:52:43 (1885 reads)

W10ell, our secret psion project was finished. We hope that this game will be a Psion blockbuster.

More about Frozen Bubble for EPOC you can read here.

Any comments and reactions please target to the PsionPlace forum.

Posted by poke on 2007/9/23 1:04:17 (2358 reads)

Yes, now you can play your favourite ZX-Spectrum VTX music on the Psion 5mx too.
Smart (barrel shifter) speedup optimization of libayemu sound engine was done.
I was waiting to idea, how made it about 4 months. Now libayemu work two times
faster on the 5mx machine!!!

New version 0.2a (binary + sources) you can download here.
Large VTX archive (28Mb) is available here.

Thanks to Logout, JSH and Omega for support.

Posted by poke on 2007/8/23 14:31:21 (1835 reads)

Your Psion machine is Java ready, but how care about Java.
Now you can use a bit more esoteric programming language
called Brainfuck. There is my implementation of Brainfuck
interpreter with name Brainsuck. Idea made this program was
born during breakfast on the Shucon 2007 party with Logout's and
Gasman's moral support.

You can download sources, examples and EPOC binaries here.

Posted by omega on 2006/12/14 10:58:09 (2114 reads)

VTX player is a command line player for ZX Spectrum chiptunes. This VTX player is small demonstration of Patisoner's realtime sound engine. More to come soon
Get it from downloads.

Note: VTX is music format for ZX Spectrum similar to C64's SID.
You can find hundreds of VTX songs on the net here or here.

Posted by omega on 2006/12/13 8:41:33 (2168 reads)

Get ImageJ JPEG Writer plug-in compiled for PSION. This will enable you to save your works directly in jpeg format. Unpack all files into plugins folder.

Get it here.

Posted by omega on 2006/12/11 8:06:36 (1917 reads)

Small utility to save/restore Switch On/Off system behavior of your Psion. Let's call it supplement to Alarm+, where this functionality is missing.

Read about it here.

Posted by poke on 2006/11/30 22:48:56 (1893 reads)

W5e are preparing new blockbuster for your Psions.
So, this is message for all Psion (primary S7 and netBook) fans around the
world: "Recharge your battery to full and prepare for action".
Software will be freely available here at end of this year (we hope).
Version for Psion 5mx will be finally available later.

Poke & Omega

PS: We are apologising to all guys who sent to us some email and still
waiting reply. "Guys we aren't death, very are too busy." Please wait.

Posted by omega on 2006/10/27 11:07:20 (1724 reads)

New version of always_on_top clock for Epoc was released. Added manual offset. Grab it here.

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