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  Posted on Mon 07 Aug 2006 (14365 reads)
Current release T-Clock is: 1.07

All machines with EPOC ER5.

World Clock, Always on top, sticky, epoc, timezone

Well, I wonder no one else did such application long time ago. Primarily, I always wanted to write something "always on top" Secondarily , I was missing small "world" clock, which would be independent on system time and would be always visible regardless of what I'm doing. Standard epoc Time was not satisfying me in this matter.

T-Clock is small configurable application which displays window with current time in defined city (time-zone). You can change format of displayed clock with all options what OPL gCLOCK command offers, you can configure basic look and feel by changing fonts, colours, position and size of the clock window.

T-Clock window can be dragged and moved around display, when double tapped small pop-up window appears with preferences and alarm settings.

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See AlarmTimer macro description on this web page. Shortly, you can set alarms in currently defined city (time-zone).

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* Alarm after - use it when you need alarm signal after defined time period. (E.g 10min)

* Alarm at - set Alarm to exact time respecting location (in City)

* Message - text which will be stored in Time application alarm slot. T-Clock automatically adds text (in X), where X means city.

* Occurrence - standard setting of alarm's repetitiveness.

* Sound - lists all files in :\System\alarms\ folder.


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* World city - type-in a city in which you currently are. T-Clock gathers information from world database of Epoc Time application.

* Offset (*new in 1.07) - select manual offset which overrides world city offset. You can use it for example if the city you are looking for is not in the world database.

* Time format - look at detailed description of gCLOCK in OPL manual for better understanding of the format. Feel free to experiment a bit. Tip: if you need to centre or align time application inside clock window, you can use spaces before formatting commands. See example above: HK are not commands, but are used as additional text which will be displayed. All time formatting commands starts with %, all other letters are simply displayed as is.

* Position X, Y, Width, Height - configure precisely window position and size. Use Test button to see changes before confirmation

* Border - adds button-like border to clock window.


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Configure typeface and size, as well as background (paper) and text (ink) colour. You can check Autoadjust to autofit window size. Autocheck is not too precise, you'd usually need to finetune window size manually.

T-Clock uses macro5.opx. This OPX enables applications to stay on top, but there is known downside of this OPX that it generates fuzzy events (GETEVENT32). If you discover weird behaviour of some apps, please report it to me.

I have several plans to continue with T-Clock. At first I would like to resolve issue above.

1) "OPL" way, which is clean pure raw OPL (thx Edo), but there might be some issues with other apps.

2) "OPX" way. I know about some more OPXs, which supports "always on top", but they are not public (neuon.opx and freepoc.opx). If you have some other OPX allowing such functionality, please send it to me with OXH header. I'll try to implement it.

Special thanks
I would like to thank following people for their support: Poke, Edo, Leo, Martin Guthrie

Get latest version of T-Clock in Patisoners-Psion download section.

© 2006 Osg^Patisoners
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Posted: 2006/8/7 10:59  Updated: 2006/8/7 10:59
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 Re: T-Clock
Nice tool, clear article.
Omega rulezz.
Posted: 2006/8/10 17:38  Updated: 2006/8/10 17:38
 Re: T-Clock //Abbreviations for location
Suggestion: Abbreviation of "world location" could (better) be the official three letter Airline Code e.g. for Konghong HKG

What would you think about ?
Posted: 2006/8/16 10:19  Updated: 2006/8/16 10:19
 Re: T-Clock //Abbreviations for location
Thanks for feedback! Good point. It is possible to do it. I will consider implementing it in the new version.