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Batch Renamer - multi renaming tool for Epoc
  Posted on Wed 12 Oct 2005 (6010 reads)
Batch Renamer

Current release of Batch Renamer: 1.83b.

Psion Epoc ER5

Renaming, Multi, Batch, Epoc

My brother JSH once requested simple tool to rename all files in the folder, just by adding some prefix characters and increasing counter. This was done quite quickly, especially thanks to wonderful AldurFile.opx. Immediately afer this "personal" release I started to add another features. Well, now it seems to be quite close to Total Commander's Multirename tool (including user profiles, but except of the regular expressions ).

Batch Renamer is distributed with binaries and sources. Get Batch Renamer now.


Open in new window

This is the initial screen where you can set appropriate renaming mode and also see status of some settings. Like wildcards, logging and renaming of the folder names.

Prefix and counter

Open in new window

Define textual prefix followed by numerical incrementing counter. You are allowed to set following counter settings :
- number of digits
- starting number
- step of counting.

Example: pic_001, pic_002...etc..

Files in the specified folder could be sorted beforehand by name, type, size...etc.., also with ascending and descending order.


Open in new window

Pattern is universal renaming mode, you can place incremental counter at any position of the filename (example: "pic_100 small") and place original name with different case formats.

In pattern mode you can also search and replace characters from original filename. For example you can erase all spaces in current filename: in pattern type %n, as search string type space and replace string leave empty.

Pattern recognises following commands which can be placed anywhere in the pattern string:

%f full name - name + extension
%n filename
%e extension
%Nfrom-len specifies middle part of filename, requires from and len as nonzero numbers separated by "-" minus sign.
%N0-len left side of filename, len is number specifying number of characters.
%Nlen-0 right side of filename, len is number specifying number of characters.
%Efrom-len extension, from-len combinations same as above.
%d Day number. Part of creation date/time properties.
%m Month number. Part of creation date/time properties.
%y Year number (two digits). Part of creation date/time properties.
%h Hour number (24h format)
%t Minutes number. Part of creation date/time properties.
%s Seconds number. Part of creation date/time properties.
%cNNNN counter settings: starting number and size. For example %c01 defines counter with starting number 01, size (format) of the counter is 01, 02, 03... up to 99
%pNNNN step for counter, default is 1
%% percent symbol (%). In case you need to use it in filename.


in this mode you can change character case of the filename. You have following options:
- Unchanged (this is useful if you want to create log file only).
- All upper case
- All lower case
- First character of each word upper case
- First character of the whole filename is uppercase


in this mode you can import previously created log file (header is required) and renaming will be reverted back to original state.

Sorting Modes

You can sort files before renaming. Sorting is allowed in Prefix & Counter and Pattern mode. You have following sorting options:
None, Name, Extension, Size, Date, UID, Date&Name
Ascending and Descending order of above mentioned.

Browse folder and wildcards

Open in new window

Batch Renamer can use wildcards to limit selection of renamed files. If you want to rename also folders, you need to check it in "browse" dialog.

Note: browse folder will pop-up automatically if you don't change Folder manually in previous dialogs.

Log File

Open in new window

Log file can be created based on your renaming action. You can set different formats of the log report. Additionally, log report can be imported back to BatchRenamer and you can revert renaming action. In order to revert renaming, you must use header.


All settings can be saved into profile.You can name individual profiles and use it for repetitive tasks. Creation and deleting of the profiles can be done directly from the main dialog.
! Notice that batch renamer creates .dat file, where are all profiles saved.

Installation requirements
AldurFileOPX by Graham Holden
ProgressBar OPM by Symbian (**new in 1.82)

Hope you find it useful! Report any bugs and tips for future enhancements.

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