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Posted by poke on 2014/1/4 21:52:40 (2914 reads)

So, Happy new year 2014.


Sincerely, I wish you better year than 2013 was.

BTW: I'm still stuck in the 2013 agenda again, but I hope not for a long time.


Posted by poke on 2011/7/14 15:45:45 (3217 reads)

My bunch of photos from the monster Idzi's birthday celebration you can see here.

Idzi's part of photos is here.

Cago bago.

Posted by poke on 2011/6/28 17:54:13 (2764 reads)

Welcome and hello again
on the Shucon 2011 computer party.
There is my first song/sin in The Garage Band. Prepare for unforeseen consequences and listen my song.

PS: Hey TDM, F6, Gasman do something too and we can release Shucon 2011 album.


Posted by poke on 2010/6/25 15:56:37 (5268 reads)

TNS HC computer
After couple weeks in the dull work I spent some more refreshing times with vintage
8bit computer Slusovice's TNS HC.

There is my fast scan of the original TNS HC user manual (Czech language only).

Enjoy it.

Posted by poke on 2009/12/31 12:49:56 (3300 reads)

So, happy new year 2010. Picture

Toz, šecko supr do novýho roka 2010.

С наcтyпающим Новым Годом 2010.

Akemashite omedetoo gozaimasu 2010.

Poke + Ivonka

Posted by poke on 2009/9/29 12:50:58 (3168 reads)

Nobycon Picture of NobyCon crew photo documentation is ready for you here.

You can go our virtual trip again, because I made google earth tracking file.

Ciao, Pokem00n.

Thanks, Noby.

Posted by poke on 2009/9/28 13:26:40 (2995 reads)

This day is a geocelebration for me, because 0x100 caches found...

Posted by poke on 2009/9/14 19:48:14 (2742 reads)

PictureBrno Fedora Developer Conference 2009 was a great event.
I spent there 2 days with great people from linux community.

You can found many photos across the web,
but one picture for all (me during hacking Alfred's AS compiler).

Photo by Tomas Bzatek.

Posted by poke on 2009/7/27 12:50:43 (2437 reads)

Some photos from a bit wet wedding day of my friends you can see here.

...What? Rain phee, who care about it... (Maybe Alanis Morissette only.)

Posted by poke on 2009/1/25 10:39:58 (2199 reads)


Yes, a bit late, but who care about it.
BTW: I'm still finishing my 2008 agenda. Please don't want to see my dashboard screen (full of Stickies).

Enjoy it.

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