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Posted by omega on 2006/10/10 15:07:23 (1586 reads)

Patching was never so easy before. AppPatch is simple tool to automate patching of whole applications. There are two demo patches for Opera and Route Planner. With this patch you can run both Opera versions (3 and 5) at once! Forget DUAL_O Enjoy! Omega

AppPatch article

Posted by poke on 2006/10/5 17:38:19 (1308 reads)

Hi psion fans.

I prepared new sis-release (1.42Bld51) of the legendary multiplatform crossassembler ASL.
More about ASL you can read here...

But, first of all I prepared patch file for original emxgcc sources, because actual gcc 4.x.x isn't able compile emxgcc.
This patch file you can download here...


Posted by poke on 2006/10/4 14:23:13 (1299 reads)

Omega made big step across the magic border this week. His age is printable char in the ASCII.
He is ' ' (or 0x20) years old. Congratulation...


Posted by poke on 2006/9/26 11:38:46 (1269 reads)

brconHi ZX folks.
This weekend held small ZX OnTheRoad compiling and installing Party - BrCon anywhere 2006.
We are visit many places (Brno, Trencin, Bucovice, Vrbne, Uhersky brod, Piestany)
and many people (JSH, Logout, Sweet, Poke, MikeZT, EllvisZT, Omega, Alpha, PokePetra and many others).

Some of these people were a bit confused (as you can see).
Photo report you can see here.

So, remember:
"You never know when BrCon knocking at your door!"

Posted by poke on 2006/8/28 17:03:00 (1303 reads)

Yes, I'm 0x1f (or 011111b) years old.
Enjoy my sweet cake. Made by pokePetra, indeed.

Posted by poke on 2006/8/25 9:26:12 (1360 reads)

I located flood of spam comments on the many corners of our portal.
Ofcourse I delete it and new function was enabled: IP ban filter.

Posted by poke on 2006/8/24 17:11:59 (1221 reads)

Small ZX meeting Kaplicon 2006 finished.
My photos from this event you can found here.
Sweet's photos is available here.

BTW: Tekken rulezz.

Posted by poke on 2006/8/13 23:26:27 (1240 reads)

Today I received very shocking news from JSH. Shucon disk
isn't accessible from internet. I locate problem on the power
supply for this external drive. Please,


Data integrity is OK, and backup of Shucon’s directory
already exists. I will fix it as soon as possible.


Posted by omega on 2006/8/7 9:53:45 (1253 reads)

Small always on top (sticky) draggable and configurable world clock with integrated AlarmTimer for your Epoc device. Very handy when you occassionally travel around the world or if you just need time information when application toolbar is disabled. Look at short article here.


Posted by poke on 2006/7/19 11:38:00 (1419 reads)

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Shucon is over, but shucon crap ZX demo called Shuther wasn't released.
We were very busy this year. (swimming, playing petangue, watching videos, etc...)

So, I want finish Shuther in this weekend. Now, all main parts of code
from Dusky, Baze, Factor6 and me is in the right memory place and work. :)
Now, I'm preparing samples and awaiting Wixet's part.

Poke (certificated silver lamer).

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