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  Posted on Tue 10 Oct 2006 (7183 reads)
Current release of AppPatch is: 0.1Beta

All machines with EPOC ER5.

epoc, patch, opera

Simply, I was bored using dual_o on my Psion. It is working, but it is not ideal way. Additionally, I tested that I could manage to run both Route Planners (millenium and 3.0) at once. Well, I was thinking how to share my patching achievements with my lazy brother (JSH)... Well, I developed AppPatch - "user friendly" way to patch all-in-once. I hope you'll like it as well.

AppPatch uses simple patching script to perform required patching operation. You don't need to understand the script it if you don't want. Simply start the AppPatch, select disk with installed application and fire it.

* Unpack to some directory.
* Execute AppPatch.opo
* In "App Folder" - select folder where is your application installed (change drive letter)
* "Select REN file" - select which patch will be applied (shows all *.REN files in current folder)
* Check "Reverse Patch" - if you want to UNPATCH already patched application.

In order to try provided sample patches, do following:

Opera 3

If you have installed version 5, rename folder:
System\Apps\Opera5 (for example)

Install Opera 3.62 R4 (this patch is working ONLY for this version)

Execute AppPatch, select drive letter where you installed Opera, select Opera in the "Select REN file" and hit OK.

You'll see patching operating with some info on the screen. If no errors detected, you'll see "Patching finished".

Now rename:

That's all, now you can do the same with Route Planner.

REN Files
AppPatch uses simple text files with extension REN (don't ask my why ). Example structure:

# This is comment

# Syntax: SubDir\
# Use: Change subdirectory directory

# Syntax: SubDirOld\,SubDirNew\
# Use: Rename subdirectory and change current path to new subdir name

# Syntax: +DiffFile,PatchedFile
# Use: PATCH in current folder using OperaApp.txt
# Note: OperaApp.txt is diff file created in View+ (Compare files)

# Syntax: -DiffFile,PatchedFile
# Use: UN-PATCH in current folder using OperaApp.txt

# Syntax: OldFile,NewFile
# Use: RENAME file inside current folder,

# Syntax: !DiffFile,PatchedFile
# Use: PATCH in current folder using OperaApp.dif
# Note: OperaApp.dif is diff file for BPATCH

# Syntax: %DiffFile,PatchedFile
# Use: UN-PATCH in current folder using OperaApp.dif
# Note: OperaApp.dif is diff file for BPATCH

Demo patches
As a demonstration I prepared two patches:

* Opera 3.62 R4 for netBook/Series

* Route Planner 3.0 (207)

Both applications has higher or lower version available which (for some reason) some users like to have installed. For example Opera 3 is better in SSL connections than Opera 5. Opera 5 unfortunately doesn't support pop-up windows.

Route Planner 3 has much better maps, but Route Planner Millenium has better coverage of roads and cities...etc.

Both applications are using the same UID, so you cannot run both versions at the same time. Now you can. Supplied patches will change UIDs and folder locations.

OK, Enjoy!

Get latest version of AppPatch in Patisoners-Psion download section.

© 2006 Osg^Patisoners
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 Re: AppPatch
Great piece of program, good patches.
I prepared new download directory Lost+Found for lost software like Opera 3.62 is.