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Switch On/Off restore utility
  Posted on Mon 11 Dec 2006 (4977 reads)
Current release version is: 1.00

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All machines with EPOC ER5.

Alarm+, Restart, Restore, Epoc, System, Switch Off

After soft reset of the psion you need to restore your system settings. Alarm+ does this job for you, except of the Switch On/Off behavior. This utility is filling the missing functionality of Alarm+. You know, when you "really" need your netBook - it's always out of battery. Just kidding

SwitchOff is very simple utility. Copy SwitchOff.opo to any folder and execute it. SwitchOff will read your system settings and save it into "SwitchOff.DAT" file in the same folder. Once you execute the file again, it will read the .DAT file and restore Switch On/Off behavior based on the saved settings.

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Read if you are OPL developer only. I used CE32BASE.OPX from Keith Walker (download). Unfortunately, there are some bugs in the OXH header. I fixed only those bugs, which are related to this utility. OXH header is part of the distribution file.

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