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Posted by poke on 2009/7/27 12:50:43 (1810 reads)

Some photos from a bit wet wedding day of my friends you can see here.

...What? Rain phee, who care about it... (Maybe Alanis Morissette only.)

Posted by poke on 2009/2/15 18:50:25 (2018 reads)

Photo slideshow for visitors of Brcon2008 with music from Yerzmyey^AY-Riders
you can found here.

Bye, bye.

Posted by poke on 2009/2/3 22:28:01 (1701 reads)

Yes, BrCon 2008 (24. - 28.10.) photo collection is finally here.

...It was long awaiting, but now over...

BTW: ZX Badaloc FPGA rulezzz...

Posted by poke on 2009/1/25 10:39:58 (1523 reads)


Yes, a bit late, but who care about it.
BTW: I'm still finishing my 2008 agenda. Please don't want to see my dashboard screen (full of Stickies).

Enjoy it.

Posted by poke on 2008/9/27 22:02:41 (1755 reads)

Schoolmate photo

Dalsi fotky z podzimniho setkani spoluzaku jsou zde.
Another schoolmate rendezvous, another photos.

BTW: Thanks Ruda for photo cooperation, again.


Posted by omega on 2008/6/16 8:33:33 (2043 reads)

New version (a bit of downgrade) of DiskList macro for your Epoc machine. Now with setup. Get it here.

Posted by poke on 2008/6/13 10:53:36 (2029 reads)

Srdečně Vás zvu na promítání fotek z mé cesty po Japonsku, které
proběhne dne 17.6.2008 od 20:00 na Lékařské fakultě MU v Brně,
Komenského nám. 2, suterén pod PC studovnou, Klub A.Trýba.

Uvidíte velkoměsto Tokio, menší Kjóto včetně starého císařského
paláce, starobylou Naru a malebný poloostrov Kii - osady Kušimoto,
Šingú a samozřejmě překrásný Pacifik.

Přijďte, je to zadarmo.

Posted by poke on 2008/5/6 13:47:26 (1776 reads)

This day is a geocelebration for me, because: 11

Posted by poke on 2008/4/20 22:19:38 (1606 reads)

Idzi (main photographer on this pages) send me strange email (due to Japan keyboards) from Kusimoto. He still alive. It's good news. So Idzi, we are awaiting your photos.

Posted by poke on 2008/2/16 0:43:36 (2037 reads)

I'm hacking Follin's player routines for Spectrum beeper in these days.
So, I try found something about T.Follin on the YouTube and there are results.
Tim Follin talks to Re:Loaded about his excellent video game scores.

Link to interview is: here (part1) and here (part2),


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