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Posted by poke on 2005/9/14 21:05:28 (1173 reads)

Hi folks.
I updated photos section. You can find new photos from reenacting events:

Second world war, Brno Campaign 1945, Orechov 2005
American civil war, Battle of Bentonville 1865, Strazek 2005

and some photos from little speccy meeting:

FrCon (JshManiaxCon) 2005.

Enjoy it.
Pety (aka Poke)

Posted by poke on 2005/8/29 19:08:14 (1138 reads)

I released bugfix patch file for Palmtop's (now TomTom's) Sinclair ZX-Spectrum emulator for the Psion machines.
Read more at this article.
Now work in this emulator Shucon party demo TEDEMO with nice dithvide picture.

Posted by bur on 2005/8/7 19:19:16 (1235 reads)

Konecne jsem sem nahral fotky, ktere jsem nafotil pri natirani auta. Je na nich videt jak moc rezave to bylo a o kolik lip (doufam) to vypada ted.

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Posted by poke on 2005/7/31 15:34:53 (1203 reads)

Poke arrive to the Kaplicon2oo5.
This was wrote at Apple iBook G4. (Hi Logout.)
BTW: Mac rulezz., Tiger rulezz, Expose rulezz.

See my 3D photos in MyAlbum section.
Many thanks to Baze for idea and Sweet for second camera.

Posted by poke on 2005/7/22 20:29:49 (1233 reads)

I now use folder macros very often. So, I create little patch which inhibit showing System screen in grayscale mode when folder macros runs.

So try it (if you have color psion):
000efc: 02 -> 06

I sent this patch to maintainer of Macro5 project too.

Posted by poke on 2005/7/15 20:54:03 (1243 reads)

Tak jsem konecne dorazil na ZX akci roku.

Posted by poke on 2005/5/29 22:44:01 (1325 reads)

Created homepage for psion macroassembler ASL in section: ARTICLES
Have a nice day

Poke from Open in new window

Posted by bur on 2005/5/20 20:44:18 (1459 reads)

Ode dneska jsem zase vlastnikem osobniho motoroveho vozu.

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Posted by bur on 2005/5/19 21:13:10 (1565 reads)

Dnes jsem se byl podivat na dalsi dve potencionalni auta. Tedy jen na jedno - to druhe ke me v podstate prijelo.

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Posted by bur on 2005/5/18 17:01:51 (1551 reads)

Dnes jsem se byl projet se svym potencionalnim novym autem. Je to Skoda 125L vyblite hnede barvy.

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