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Posted by poke on 2006/6/21 13:15:02 (1430 reads)

My friends Rubik (famous agent from The Metr X parody) and Radka were married.

Photos from their wedding day you can see here.
Pety aka Poke

Posted by bur on 2005/10/10 9:23:49 (1274 reads)

Since I started using the services of (very cheap shell access + web/mail/etc.), I had but one issue - the server is somewhere in the US, so the time shown is in a different timezone. This created quite a mess in my ICQ and IRC logs (both of which I use from this server). I never had to deal with this problem before, and searching for a solution was not as easy as it might seem.

Solution, as is usually the case in most *n*x systems, exists and is pretty simple (once you know what to look for). All it takes is to set environment (shell) variable called "TZ" to the three-letter code of the timezone you are in. In my case, all I did was to add the line
export TZ=CET
into my .profile

Now (to my surprise) both CenterICQ and IRSSI honor this setting and show the correct time. I hope this helps someone with a simillar problem.

Posted by bur on 2005/5/20 20:44:18 (1625 reads)

Ode dneska jsem zase vlastnikem osobniho motoroveho vozu.

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Posted by bur on 2005/5/19 21:13:10 (1735 reads)

Dnes jsem se byl podivat na dalsi dve potencionalni auta. Tedy jen na jedno - to druhe ke me v podstate prijelo.

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Posted by bur on 2005/5/18 17:01:51 (1740 reads)

Dnes jsem se byl projet se svym potencionalnim novym autem. Je to Skoda 125L vyblite hnede barvy.

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