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Posted by poke on 2007/2/25 20:33:29 (2152 reads)

6Original sources of the MB02 bootrom lose LMN many years ago.

So I made this dirty disassembling work.
Now we are ready to develop new bootrom with HDD booting features.

Click here for MB02 boot rom disassembling files.

Posted by poke on 2007/1/18 19:30:07 (2073 reads)

Previous news about Covox's song was starting little investigation.
So there is: Covox's homepage with more songs.

BTW:Many thanks to: Factor6, Tritol and Karate.

Posted by poke on 2007/1/16 19:56:52 (1933 reads)

Sunday morning....
I tuned radio to my favourite radio station...
But whazzup AY/YM is on the air....

I contacted radio stuff immediately, and there are links:

Wanted song: Covox-Computer Love (fluokids)
MicroMusic chiptunes portal

"This Sunday was beautiful day."

Posted by poke on 2006/12/17 1:22:05 (1849 reads)


I'm actually on the JHCon (ZX Spectrum, Psion, Apple, Avigo) computer party.
You can see all visitors online here.

Yes, we are geeks and why not?
Enjoy it.

Sad but true, JHCon state is switched to the OFF. Now you can see just the last photo only.

Posted by omega on 2006/12/14 10:58:09 (2043 reads)

VTX player is a command line player for ZX Spectrum chiptunes. This VTX player is small demonstration of Patisoner's realtime sound engine. More to come soon
Get it from downloads.

Note: VTX is music format for ZX Spectrum similar to C64's SID.
You can find hundreds of VTX songs on the net here or here.

Posted by omega on 2006/12/13 8:41:33 (2105 reads)

Get ImageJ JPEG Writer plug-in compiled for PSION. This will enable you to save your works directly in jpeg format. Unpack all files into plugins folder.

Get it here.

Posted by omega on 2006/12/11 8:06:36 (1859 reads)

Small utility to save/restore Switch On/Off system behavior of your Psion. Let's call it supplement to Alarm+, where this functionality is missing.

Read about it here.

Posted by poke on 2006/12/6 21:36:27 (1699 reads)

Hi reenactors and living history fans.

My photos from this great reenacting event Austerlitz2006,
you can find in the my album: here and here.


Posted by bur on 2006/12/6 9:45:44 (1750 reads)

You can now access this server by using the new (and much shorter) alias domain

This means that you can use the address, as well as write emails to for example somerandomname (at)

I hope this will save you plenty of keystrokes, which can be used for something more useful - playing games, surfing for p0rn and the like.



Posted by poke on 2006/11/30 22:48:56 (1827 reads)

W5e are preparing new blockbuster for your Psions.
So, this is message for all Psion (primary S7 and netBook) fans around the
world: "Recharge your battery to full and prepare for action".
Software will be freely available here at end of this year (we hope).
Version for Psion 5mx will be finally available later.

Poke & Omega

PS: We are apologising to all guys who sent to us some email and still
waiting reply. "Guys we aren't death, very are too busy." Please wait.

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