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Posted by omega on 2006/10/10 15:07:23 (1509 reads)

Patching was never so easy before. AppPatch is simple tool to automate patching of whole applications. There are two demo patches for Opera and Route Planner. With this patch you can run both Opera versions (3 and 5) at once! Forget DUAL_O Enjoy! Omega

AppPatch article

Posted by poke on 2006/10/5 17:38:19 (1231 reads)

Hi psion fans.

I prepared new sis-release (1.42Bld51) of the legendary multiplatform crossassembler ASL.
More about ASL you can read here...

But, first of all I prepared patch file for original emxgcc sources, because actual gcc 4.x.x isn't able compile emxgcc.
This patch file you can download here...


Posted by omega on 2006/8/7 9:53:45 (1169 reads)

Small always on top (sticky) draggable and configurable world clock with integrated AlarmTimer for your Epoc device. Very handy when you occassionally travel around the world or if you just need time information when application toolbar is disabled. Look at short article here.


Posted by poke on 2006/5/29 19:38:06 (1136 reads)

Hi Psion fans.
I added Color patch for Martin's Macro5 (v2.45).
Now system screen stay in color mode when folder macro is running.
Useful only on the Psion machines with color display.


Posted by poke on 2006/5/23 15:24:00 (1945 reads)

I prepare patch file for the Psion game Terra Force. If you apply this patch, you get unlimited lives and unlimited time in this legendary tank combat game. For download patch file archive click here. (Please, be careful and use patch file for your game release only!)

BTW: You can use bpatch tool for patch process. How use bpatch you can found here.


Posted by poke on 2006/4/28 18:19:40 (1183 reads)

New release of EPOC unRAR is out.
Many thanks to Leo for your bugreport.

PS: Now have EPOC unRAR 256Kb stack limit.

Posted by poke on 2006/4/14 13:22:11 (1084 reads)

I successfully finished a port of the unRAR 3.51 (actual stable version) for Psion machines.
More you can read here.

Posted by omega on 2006/4/13 14:21:26 (1089 reads)

Image processing is reality also on the Psion PDA. Turn you Psion into powerful image processing station. Thanks to ImageJ you can easily perform image operations not seen on any Epoc application before.

Now you can change contrast of the images, rotate by any number of degrees, analyze images...etc. ImageJ supports also wide range of image formats so you can use it also as conversion tool.

ImageJ has also powerful macro language (similar to opl). You can read more in the following article.

Posted by poke on 2006/3/1 17:40:26 (1088 reads)

Hi EPOC folks.
I finally released my last (long-awaited) project:
RAR, ARJ, ACE and LHA archive file support for EPOC.

More you can read here.
Poke (aka Pety)

Posted by poke on 2005/11/14 17:56:59 (1023 reads)

New version of ssh terminal client with a color console support released.

You can read more here.


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