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Posted by poke on 2006/1/24 16:21:55 (1085 reads)

You can see some photos from meeting with my university classmates, here.
BTW: Big greetings for: Luba, Franta and Majkl.

Posted by poke on 2006/1/8 17:57:24 (1226 reads)

Poke was on finally last computer meeting on year 2005 - JHCon2oo5.
See 3D photos in JHCon 2oo5 section.
Many thanks to Sweet for second camera.

Posted by poke on 2005/11/16 14:58:08 (957 reads)

Hi folks.
I update photos album of shots from this events:

Pety aka Poke.

Posted by poke on 2005/9/29 13:18:54 (910 reads)

Photos from ZeroTeam and Jizina visit was uploaded into the MyAlbum section.
You can see it here.

Posted by poke on 2005/9/14 21:05:28 (952 reads)

Hi folks.
I updated photos section. You can find new photos from reenacting events:

Second world war, Brno Campaign 1945, Orechov 2005
American civil war, Battle of Bentonville 1865, Strazek 2005

and some photos from little speccy meeting:

FrCon (JshManiaxCon) 2005.

Enjoy it.
Pety (aka Poke)

Posted by poke on 2005/7/31 15:34:53 (963 reads)

Poke arrive to the Kaplicon2oo5.
This was wrote at Apple iBook G4. (Hi Logout.)
BTW: Mac rulezz., Tiger rulezz, Expose rulezz.

See my 3D photos in MyAlbum section.
Many thanks to Baze for idea and Sweet for second camera.

Posted by poke on 2005/7/15 20:54:03 (990 reads)

Tak jsem konecne dorazil na ZX akci roku.

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