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Posted by poke on 2008/9/27 22:02:41 (1767 reads)

Schoolmate photo

Dalsi fotky z podzimniho setkani spoluzaku jsou zde.
Another schoolmate rendezvous, another photos.

BTW: Thanks Ruda for photo cooperation, again.


Posted by poke on 2008/5/6 13:47:26 (1787 reads)

This day is a geocelebration for me, because: 11

Posted by poke on 2008/4/20 22:19:38 (1616 reads)

Idzi (main photographer on this pages) send me strange email (due to Japan keyboards) from Kusimoto. He still alive. It's good news. So Idzi, we are awaiting your photos.

Posted by poke on 2008/1/6 18:46:42 (1667 reads)

Take jste jako ja zdeseni tim co se stalo po novem roce s Vasi oblibenou stanici a Vasimi oblibenymi podcasty?

Petici proti "novemu/hroznemu" stylu vysilani na CRo1-Radiozurnalu najdete tady.

Pekne clanky na toto tema najdete take na:

PS: A nebojte se k petici take pripojit. Ja uz to udelal.

Posted by poke on 2008/1/1 23:49:12 (1707 reads)

Posted by poke on 2007/10/15 21:55:57 (1542 reads)

Dalsi fotky z podzimniho setkani spoluzaku jsou zde.
Another schoolmate rendezvous, next photos.

BTW: Thanks Ruda for photo cooperation.

Posted by poke on 2007/6/8 11:27:14 (1375 reads)

Are you tired by many blogger's happenings like a
"Show your pencil, router or something same boring".

I present you something completely different:

"Show your machines, stop hiding them!!!”

Try this too and report me. Photo ring can’t be broken…..

Posted by poke on 2007/5/26 17:09:06 (1373 reads)

Moje fotky 8.A. po 18 letech muzete najit tady.
PS: Co dodat v jsme stale mladi a krasni.

My photos from basic school schoolmate rendezvous are here.
PS: Shortly, we are young and nice still.

Posted by poke on 2006/8/28 17:03:00 (1143 reads)

Yes, I'm 0x1f (or 011111b) years old.
Enjoy my sweet cake. Made by pokePetra, indeed.

Posted by poke on 2006/2/13 17:46:53 (1175 reads)

I uploaded some photos from "ski-weekend" with my friends.
You can see photos here.
BTW: I send many greetings for: Anpeta & Jerry.
Pety (aka Poke)

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