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Sinclair QL and ZX Spectrum importer for ImageJ
  Posted on Wed 21 Mar 2007 (5790 reads)
ZX View and QL View
Current release version is: 1.00

ImageJ, Windows, MacOS, Epoc, Linux

Sinclair QL, Sinclair ZX Spectrum, Screen, Image, ImageJ, Import

Import files into ImageJ in order to view or save it in any supported format.

ZX_View and QL_View are two short macros for ImageJ. In order to start the macros you should launch ImageJ, and select menu: Plugins>Macros>Run>... and select appropriate macro file. Or similar way is: Plugins>Edit>... and select appropriate macro file, then CTRL+R to run the macro.

ZX_View in editor window:
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ZX_View supports bright colours, there is no support for FLASH (can be added if required).

Example of ZX Spectrum image:
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QL_View in editor window:
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QL_View supports both standard QL screen modes 256x256x8colours and 512x256x4colours. You don't need to choose screen mode, QL_View simply draws both versions in separate windows. QL_View doesn't support flash in low resolution mode.

Example of QL high-res image:
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Example of QL low-res image:
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Get it from Speccy section.


QL_View or ZX_View

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