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Speccy : Shucon demo progress
Posted by poke on 2006/7/19 11:38:00 (1600 reads)

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Shucon is over, but shucon crap ZX demo called Shuther wasn't released.
We were very busy this year. (swimming, playing petangue, watching videos, etc...)

So, I want finish Shuther in this weekend. Now, all main parts of code
from Dusky, Baze, Factor6 and me is in the right memory place and work. :)
Now, I'm preparing samples and awaiting Wixet's part.

Poke (certificated silver lamer).

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Posted: 2006/7/20 21:34  Updated: 2006/7/20 21:34
 Re: Shucon demo progress
I remember 2 years ago that coding on shucon was like satan sign ;-)
Posted: 2006/7/24 0:36  Updated: 2006/7/24 0:36
Joined: 2005/5/8
From: Brno, Czech republic
Posts: 39
 Re: Shucon demo progress
Yes, shucoding is something like a binary evil
(noisy room, noisy people with many questions).
Posted: 2006/7/25 10:57  Updated: 2006/7/25 10:57
 Re: Shucon demo progress
Therefore we have pure crap demos, but with abnormal orbit and spirit.

Omega(osg) alias Imperator(I!)

Hurry up poke :)
Posted: 2006/7/26 20:19  Updated: 2006/7/26 20:19
 Re: Shucon demo progress
omega sucks
Posted: 2006/7/31 15:33  Updated: 2006/7/31 15:33
 Re: Shucon demo progress
Na pristim sukonu mas po<!>

Posted: 2006/8/1 11:40  Updated: 2006/8/1 11:40
 Re: Shucon demo progress
yes, noisy 'Unhuman Repros', noisy bitch called alkohell and many many many other things, which will convert any coder to standard drunked lamer

Shucon rullezZ!!